Patient Testimonials

Dr. Singla is a fantastic physician and I would highly recommend her. She spent a lot of time with me and worked with me to create a care plan that has significantly improved my quality of life. Under her guidance, I had two C7 injections and now feel 95% better. She also suggested various lifestyle changes that I can make to help support my goal of living pain free. You can tell that she is passionate about her work and she really cares about you as her patient. She’s an exceptional MD!!!

Dr. Singla is a wonderful person who is super capable and knowledgeable regarding her specialty. The aspect about her that I particularly like is her confidence regarding diagnosis and treatment. She makes sure the correct tests are performed and then sets a course of action.

Dr. Singla is the best.

Dr. Singla is an excellent Dr. She is the first one to really help me in manageing my pain.

Dr. Singla is an amazing PM&R physician. I have been seeing her since she came to Wellington and I am so glad she is here. She is compassionate, patient and willing to do whatever she thinks will help her patients. I don't have to wait long to get an appt and I never feel rushed. She even makes injections pleasant! I would recommend her to anyone.

Dr. Singla took the time to talk to me, look at my symptoms, find out what pain i was experiencing. Most doctors i have experienced want to get in and out but she truly went above and beyond. She tried to get the whole picture versus just reading a chart. She walked me through the treatment options, the tests to consider and the path forward. My pain has gone away in large part thanks to her. I would recommend her to everyone.

Dr Singla performed my Cervical Injection and the procedure went great. If I need any future Orthopedic care I will be contacting her office.

Dr. Singla was a pleasant and competent care giver, happy to answer all of my questions before and after surgery. Dr. Singla administered steroid injections for my chronic lower back nerve pain. The pain is greatly diminished at present and my quality of life has improved significantly as a result. I am happy to recommend her.

I have recommended Dr. Singla to friends & family. She's a warm, caring, & very knowledgeable doctor. She has an encouraging attitude & doesn't stop looking for answers when they are not quickly attainable. She will do all she can & use every resource possible to get you the pain relief & lifestyle you want.

Dr. Singla is very gracious and kind besides being knowledgable about the patient's needs. She is thorough and is a good listener. She has the ability to put you at ease when you meet her.

I saw Dr Singla for arm pain. Her treatment plan got me back to doing yoga in no time. I am so glad I went to see her.

I had pain in my right hip and had trouble walking. I went to see Dr. Singla. She examined me and prescribed some medication. After doing further testing and MRI she diagnosed the problem and recommended some physical therapy. In few weeks my pain was gone and I knew how to manage my sciatica. She is an excellent, very caring, efficient and pleasant doctor. I would highly recommend her.

I had pain in my knee and called Dr. Singla's office. I was called in very quickly and was seen by the doctor right away. The doctor prescribed some medicine and other ways to reduce my pain. She followed up on the issue until I got better.

Dr. Singla saw me for my hand pain. She listened to me and took a look at my whole medical history. She reviewed my records and tried to find the source of my pain by looking at the whole picture not just some of it like other doctors. She performed tests to rule out conditions and found that my pain resulted from my work. She recommended exercises for me to do and to use more ergonomic equipment. Based on her recommendations my hand pain went away. I would recommend her to everyone as she wants to get to the root of the pain and help her patients.

Dr Singla performed my Cervical Injection and the procedure went great. If I need any future Orthopedic care I will be contacting her office.

I saw Dr Singla for arm pain. After PT and medications, my pain was so much better. I was back to doing yoga quickly.

diagnosed pain in my hip quickly, relieved from my pain and told me how to manage the problem I had

I saw Dr. Singla for neck pain and she took the time to go over my issue and recommend the treatment needed. Very compassionate physician.

I had pain in my neck and shoulders. She diagnosed the issue quickly and suggested the solution which took care of my pain. She even took time in referring to other physicians and followed up on the issue.